“Unless they step into that building (church) I’m all they’ve got.”

Born in the Cook Islands and raised in Auckland, Tama’s world was rocked when at 17, his father succumbed to his battle with cancer. Four months later, he left home to move to the west coast of Australia, a literal world away from everything he’d grown up with.
Tama’s full name – Tamatoa – means son of a warrior. That warrior spirit is on display for all to see as Tama opens up speaking with brutal honesty about his struggle to move on following his father’s death, how through some mentors he was able to grow in faith and also how some good friends were able to call him out when he was ready to turn his back on it all.
Tama’s story is one that will move and inspire you. Be blessed as you listen to this interview that will encourage you to bless others.

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