“Now more than ever, we need people of faith to step up.”

Jordan Smith grew up in Utah, USA before moving to Kalgoorlie, Australia and finding God at 21. As he found his identity in Christ he was able to overcome self-doubt and become confident in the man he has become.

Having “learned the hard way” how to be a leader, Jordan has become well versed in the area of assertiveness and how being assertive (as opposed to aggressive) can be very healthy. Respect is a core value in Jordan’s life, respect for himself and others. It’s this value coupled with his strong faith that has lead him to find ways to help other men be the best they can be.

Jordan has started the Facebook page and closed group Men of Perth in an effort to forge a community bond among the men of Perth, Western Australia and encourage them to better themselves and put their best foot forward for themselves, families and neighbourhood.

For more info on Men of Perth, go to https://web.facebook.com/groups/487442971424873/

or https://web.facebook.com/Men-of-Perth-103684063431010/?ref=br_rs

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