“The goal of each generation should be to leave a legacy for the next one.”


Growing up with influences from his father, grandfather and great grandfather, Josh Long joins us to talk about true authentic Christian manhood, how he models that, where he fails and how we can all move forward to become who God has called us to be.

With his faith being “the foundation of life”, Josh candidly discusses where he’s done things right as a father and a husband. He also talks about the painful chapter of his life where he had an emotional affair and how that nearly destroyed his marriage. After discovering that his greatest challenge was himself, he battled through depression, ego and the enemy trying to stop him from finding restoration to push back to become the man and leader that God has called him to be.

This is a powerful episode that will touch everyone who listens to it. You will be blessed by Josh’s brutal honesty as he talks about the struggles that all men go through and how through grace and forgiveness we can find healing and victory.


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