Judges 6:12

Warrior Rise is a mission to see every man on the planet step into God’s calling and purpose for their lives. We believe that men have been passive for too long. Men haven’t been stepping up into the responsibility that God has given them to lead their families and thus we have lost two or maybe even three generations to the enemy and to the world. The results are clear to see in prisons the world over.
The time is NOW for men the world over to take a stand. To lead themselves, their families and their communities as we fight back against the enemy and win the battle for God’s glory. When men step up into the leadership and authority that God has given them, we will see a seismic shift in making this planet a better place for everyone as we shine God’s light throughout the world.
Warrior Rise gets its name from Judges 6:12-16 where God calls Gideon a “mighty warrior”. Our mission is also encapsulated in the lessons from these verses.
Despite Gideon having a very low opinion of himself, God calls him a mighty warrior telling us that our identity should be based on who God calls us, not on our feelings about ourselves.
Later when Gideon asks the Lord how he can possibly take on the mission that has been given to him, God simply replies “but I will be with you”. This lets us know that we don’t have to have it all together for God to choose us, it usually helps if we don’t! But as we step out in faith to fulfill God’s purpose and calling for our lives, he equips us and helps us as we grow into the mighty warriors that he has called us to be.

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